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What are the three production cost factors associated with the site of an industry

What are the 3 site factors?

The three site factors are labor , capital , and land .

What are significant site factors?

why are site factors important ? three site factors -land, labor, and capital-control the cost of doin buisness at a location . cottage industry. manufacturing based in homes rather than in factories.

What are three reasons cities are attractive locations for factories?

What are three reasons cities are attractive locations for factories ? Large supply of labor, Capital sources, and close to market.

What is the difference between labor intensive and high wage industries?

Explain the difference between labor intensive and high – wage industries . Labor – intensive is measured as a percentage, whereas high – wage is measured in dollars or other currency.

How do you describe a site location?

The ” site ” is the actual location of a settlement on the Earth, and the term includes the physical characteristics of the landscape specific to the area. Site factors include landforms, climate, vegetation, availability of water, soil quality, minerals, and wildlife.

What is a site of a settlement?

The site of a settlement is the actual land that the settlements is built upon. The situation is the location of a settlement in relation to the things that are around it. • Physical factors that influence the location of a settlement include; 1.

What are the two types of situation factors?

1. Situation factors – costs associated with the established transportation networks accessible from a specific place. 2. Site factors – costs resulting from the unique characteristics of a location.

How do you describe site and situation?

Site is the exact location of a city, you can find it on a map. The situation of a city relates to its surrounding features, both human-made and natural. The site is the land that the city was built upon. The situation contains the surrounding areas of the city.

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Which of the following best describes the idea of a cultural landscape?

Which of the following best describes the idea of a cultural landscape ? A landscape where human activity has modified the natural environment in some way. relationship between the size of an earth feature and its size on the map.

What is the site factor that is changing dramatically in the 21st century?

Site factor that has changed especially dramatically in the 21st century Labor. Manufacturers locating where wages are lower. Especially attracted to emerging industrial regions.

What are the new industrial regions of the world?

Four major industrial regions have developed, all in the Northern Hemisphere: Western and Central Europe (Figure 25-1), Eastern North America (Figure 25-3), Russia-Ukraine (figure 25-4), and Eastern Asia (Figure 25-5). Each consists of core areas with subsidiary clusters some distance away.

What was the key to preventing outbreaks of cholera in cities?

What was the key to preventing outbreaks of cholera in cities ? increasing economic opportunity in cities .

Is the textile industry labor or capital intensive?

Thus, spinning, weaving , and dyeing processes became increasingly machine-dependent and capital intensive , whereas downstream processes, particularly sewing, have remained labor intensive even up to the present day.

Why is labor the most important site factor?

The most important site factor at a global scale is labor . Mini- mizing labor costs is important for some industries, and the variation of labor costs around the world is large. A labor -intensive industry is one in which wages and other compensation paid to employees constitute a high percentage of expenses.

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What is an example of a bulk gaining industry?

A bulk – gaining industry makes something that gains volume or weight during production. Examples of bulk – gaining industries are fabricated metals and beverage production. – Water is the heavy, expensive content that makes beverage production a bulk – gaining industry .

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