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What is the most reliable ticket resale site?

​Top 10 Best Ticket Sites – Everything You Need To Know TicketNetwork. Seatgeek . Established in 2009, Seatgeek is a mobile based platform that puts users and events together. StubHub . Ticketmaster . TicketLiquidator. Live Nation. TicketCity. VividSeats.

Where can I resell tickets?

It has never been easier to sell tickets using StubHub. Trusted by Sign in or create a StubHub account to get started selling tickets . Include the number of tickets you’re selling, the seats, and delivery details in your listing. Set your price and wait for the buyers to come to you!.

Is reselling tickets online illegal?

There is no federal law against scalping , but, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), 15 states ban the practice in some way, most labeling it as a misdemeanor with penalties including fines and/or up to a year in jail.

Is StubHub cheaper than Ticketmaster?

It’s the same reason why sometimes tickets are listed higher on Stubhub as they are/were on Ticketmaster : prices are set by individual ticket owners, pricing based on demand. When this happens, pricing in the open market ( stubhub ) tends to go well below the Ticketmaster (or primary market) price.

Which is better SeatGeek or StubHub?

For fees, we have found that SeatGeek is better overall, but we like StubHub’s transparency. For example, SeatGeek builds the fees into the price of the ticket, while StubHub will show the add-ons. And if you want to know exactly what it is you’re paying for StubHub is the better choice.

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Do ticket prices go down closer to event?

You can wait until the event gets closer and you should find that tickets are available for below face value on the secondary market. As the event date nears, the ticket price will continue to drop as long as the inventory levels remain steady. It’s also important to avoid service fees when purchasing tickets .

Can I sell tickets from Ticketmaster on StubHub?

Ticketmaster doesn’t allow resell on their site for all events. However, you can sell those tickets on StubHub or any other marketplace.

How can I sell my tickets online for free?

How to sell your event tickets online Create and customize your event. List your event online for free in minutes. Publish and promote your event. Promote your event with “book now” links. Start selling tickets online . Easily embed TicketSource in your site or Facebook page. Manage your audience.

Where can I sell my last minute tickets?

At StubHub, you would have to send in a request to use their Last Minute Services and wait for approval before listing your tickets , which often leaves you with little time to actually list your tickets on the marketplace. Essentially, at TickPick, you’re in the driver’s seat. At StubHub, StubHub is the driver.

Is buying and reselling tickets illegal?

There is no federal law regarding ticket scalping in the United States, and StubHub encourages sellers to adhere to local state regulations in its terms of service. Some states have laws restricting resale only on the physical grounds of an event. And other laws have been discarded.

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Is StubHub a scalper?

Professional scalpers use bots to buy tons of tickets as soon as they go on sale. Many tickets then become available at marked-up prices on resale websites like StubHub . Fans either end up empty-handed or hand over more cash.

Is it illegal to sell tickets above face value?

No person, other than a registered ticket broker, may resell a ticket for more than a 20 percent premium or $3, whichever is greater, over the face value . Ticket brokers may not resell tickets at a premium in excess of 50 percent of the price paid to acquire the ticket , plus lawful taxes.

Is StubHub legit for tickets?

In a word, yes. The company is entirely legitimate and has the rights to sell or resell all the tickets on its website. However, StubHub is also one of the few ticket resellers who guarantee the legitimacy of their tickets .

What is better StubHub or Ticketmaster?

TicketMaster Vs StubHub – Verdict StubHub has a sketchy customer service, but its fees are crystal clear and it is easy to use. TicketMaster has merged with Live Nation, so in theory, it should have a much higher selection of tickets. Its fees, however, tend to be slightly bigger.

Why is StubHub more expensive?

As a marketplace, all tickets are listed and priced by individual sellers. Sellers will usually set these prices based on the current market value of the event and other similar tickets listed. This is 100% their discretion and often these prices can be more than the original face value.

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