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How to use shutterfly share site

How do I start a Shutterfly Share site?

To create a new Share Site , you can either click the orange button on the Share Sites page or from the “My Share Sites ” section on your My Shutterfly page . Choose which type of Share Site you want to make – options include Family, Sports Team, Classroom, and more.

How do I invite members to my Shutterfly Share site?

To manage Share Site Members select the ” Members ” menu and choose either “Add members ” (to add members ) or “Show members list” (to delete, ban, or edit). On the Add members page , you can enter email addresses or choose contacts from your address book. You can also add members by clicking the “Email” button instead.

How do I move photos from Shutterfly Share site?

To download an image from a Shutterfly Share Site : View a picture on a Shutterfly Share Site ; click the thumbnail to view the full-size image . Hover the full-size image to see a drop-down menu, shown below. Click the “Download picture” option in the drop-down menu.

Can you share Shutterfly projects?

To share a project : Sign in to your account and go to the My Shutterfly page. In the “My Projects ” section, click “All projects ” to see your saved projects . Locate the project you wish to share . Click the ” Share ” associated with the project you want to share .

Can you share photos between Shutterfly accounts?

Select the photos you wish to share , then click the Share tab and choose “Link”. Shutterfly members will be able to view and download the photos , or save them to their account ; non-members will be able to view and download.

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Why can’t I log into Shutterfly?

Sign-in errors can be caused by: Not entering the same email address that you signed up with. An extra space before or after your email address. (Try deleting the space, then signing in.)

What happened to Shutterfly?

On June 10, 2019, Apollo Global Management announced that it would acquire Shutterfly for $2.7 billion, as well as its competitor Snapfish in a separate transaction valued at around $300 million. The merger of Shutterfly and Snapfish was completed on January 8, 2020.

How do I delete a Shutterfly Share site?

From the My Shutterfly page : Click on the ” Delete site ” link.

Can you upload Google photos to Shutterfly?

You can import your Google Photos (formerly Picasa) directly to your My Photos account, a project, or Print order.

Can anyone see my photos on Shutterfly?

Yes, they are private, and can not be viewed by anyone who has not received an email sharing notification from you. Please see our Privacy Policy for complete details.

Can Shutterfly use your photos?

Similarly, if you order a product that includes Your Content, we may share Your Content with third party partners who help us fulfill your order. These parties are only allowed to use your photos to perform services for Shutterfly , though – they can ‘t use them for any other purpose.

How do I get my pictures from Shutterfly?

Use the same Search bar, then at the top left you’ll see the icons for ” Photos “, “Videos” and “Favorites” under “Show Only”. From your Shutterfly Photos account main page, you can also sort by “Date Taken” or “Date Uploaded” to easily find your most recent uploads.

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How do I share my photos?

Share in a conversation On your mobile device, open the Google Photos app . Sign in to your Google Account. Select a photo , album, or video. Tap Share . Under ” Send in Google Photos ,” select people to share with. To share with one person, tap their name. To share , tap Send .

How secure is Shutterfly?

But there’s a catch: Even though Shutterfly’s privacy policy claims that the whole site is protected with SSL—a strong form of internet security used to prevent websites from being hacked into—it isn’t actually using the encryption for much of the website, including the team pages that contain detailed information on

Where are my saved projects on Shutterfly?

On the My Shutterfly page, in the My Projects section, click “All projects ” to view your saved projects .

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