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How to site a youtube video

How do you cite a YouTube video in APA in text?

This article reflects the APA 7th edition guidelines. How to cite a YouTube channel.

Format Last name, Initials [Channel name]. (n.d.). Home [ YouTube channel]. YouTube . Retrieved Month Day, Year, from URL
In- text citation (University of Oxford, n.d.)

How do you in text cite a YouTube video in MLA?

The MLA Works Cited entry for an online video contains the video’s creator, the title, the website or platform in italics (e.g. YouTube ), the channel or user that uploaded the video, the upload date, and the URL.

How do you cite a direct quote from a video?

To cite a direct quotation from an audiovisual source, include a timestamp in the in-text citation alongside the author and date indicating the point at which the quotation begins.

How do you cite a video in APA in text?

Screen name. (year, month day). Title of video [ Video file]. Retrieved from http://xxxxxxxxx The in- text citations include the author name outside of brackets (whichever that may be) and the date.

Do you italicize YouTube video titles?

Italicize the title of the video . Include the description “[ Video ]” in square brackets after the title . Provide the site name ( YouTube ) and URL of the video .

How do you in text cite a YouTube video?

Basically, you will want to cite in- text whatever appears first in the citation on your Works Cited page. If you are referencing a specific part of the video, MLA format also requires that you specify the time in the video when that part begins. In- text citation with author: (Last name, 00:01:15 – 00:02:00).

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Can you cite a video?

Yes, you can cite a YouTube video in APA and MLA format. To cite a video in MLA or APA, you need to include the author, date, title of the video , where you found the video , and URL. The order that you include this information in varies based on the style you use.

How do you cite YouTube videos on Easybib?

Citing a YouTube Video According the official MLA Style website, you start the citation off with the title of the video . The name of the YouTube channel, also called the video uploader, is place after YouTube is listed. “Title of Video .” YouTube , uploaded by Name of YouTube Account, Day Month Year, URL.

How do you cite a TED talk in APA in text?

To cite a TED Talk in APA Style, the format differs slightly depending on whether you viewed it on TED’s website or on YouTube. How to cite a TED Talk in APA Style.

Format Speaker last name, Initials. (Year, Month). Talk title [Video]. TED Conferences. URL
In- text citation (Sivaram, 2020)

How do you cite a video in APA 7?

(Year). Title of video [Film]. Production Company. Title of video [Film].

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