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How to site a lecture in apa

How do you cite a lecture in APA?

The citation on the Reference page for the lecture notes would look like the following in APA : Author. (year). In italics write the name or title of the lecture .

How do you cite a professor’s lecture in APA in text?

You would reference this source in- text as you normally would by the author’s last name and date. For lecture notes, you would write something like [ Lecture notes on key Sophists] in place of the title. Your second choice is to refer to the lecture as personal communication.

How do you cite a professor’s lecture?

If you are citing a class lecture , provide the lecture title in quotation marks after the professor’s name, the course name and course number after the lecture title and add the word “Class lecture ” (without quotation marks) after the location.

How do you cite a class lecture in APA 7th edition?

How to Cite a Lecture in APA ( 7th Edition ) In-text citation . ( Professor’s first initial. Paraphrase. S. Quotation. According to S. In-text citation . ( Professor’s last name, date of lecture , if no date, n.d.) Example. (Jimenez, June 17, 2020) Paraphrase. Quotation. Example:

How do you reference a lecture?

Basic format to reference lecture notes Author or authors. The surname is followed by first initials. Year. Title (in italics). Description of format. Unit name and Unit code. University. Date lecture was delivered.

How do you in text cite a lecture?

When you use information or ideas from a lecture in your paper, an MLA in- text citation requires only the last name of the lecturer , either in the text itself or in parentheses after the relevant information.

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How do I cite an online lecture?

To cite an online lecture or speech, follow the MLA format template. List the name of the presenter, followed by the title of the lecture . Then list the name of the Web site as the title of the container, the date on which the lecture was posted, and the URL: Allende, Isabel.

How do you cite an oral presentation in APA?

To reference or cite a presentation or poster that was done at a meeting, follow this pattern: Presenter, F.M. (year, month). Title of paper or poster.

How do you cite personal communication in APA?

When citing personal communication , provide the first initial and last name of your contact or the group/corporate name, “ personal communication ”, and the date the communication took place ( APA , 2010, p. 179).

Can you reference a lecture in an essay?

Tip: Cite information from your own personal notes from a lecture as personal communication and refer to it only in the body of your essay . Follow the format examples for a personal communication in the APA Guide. Reference : Module number: Title of lecture [ Lecture recording].

How do you in text cite a PowerPoint in APA?

To cite a PowerPoint in text in APA , you include the author and date of the PowerPoint when you are paraphrasing. To make a direct in text citation of a PowerPoint in APA , you include the author, date, and slide number.

How do you cite a discussion board?

When citing a discussion post in your reference list, include the author of the post, the date, the name of the discussion thread, and the course URL. Your in-text citation would follow the normal citation order: (Smattering, 2014).

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How do you cite a website in APA 7th edition?

Web Page Author(s). Note: List each author’s last name and initials as Author, A. A., Author, B. B., & Author, C. C. (Year, Month Date). Note: Read more about date formats from the APA Style website . Title of page or section. Note: Italicize the title of the page. Source. URL.

How do you cite a PowerPoint class in APA?

Instructor’s Last Name, First Initial. Second Initial if given. (Year Presentation Was Created). Title of presentation: Subtitle if any [ PowerPoint presentation].

How do you cite a book in APA 7th edition?

Basic format to reference a book Author or authors. The surname is followed by first initials. Year of publication of the book (in round brackets). Book title (in italics). Edition (in round brackets), if other than first. Publisher. DOI. The first line of each citation is left adjusted.

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