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How to set up a caringbridge site

Is caring bridge safe?

CaringBridge strives to provide a safe , secure place for families on health journeys to share updates and receive support from loved ones. Because we ensure that websites are protected and private, patients and family caregivers may confidently post updates, without worry or hesitation.

How do I get to CaringBridge?

Find someone’s site CaringBridge authors control their own privacy settings. If the site is searchable by name, you can find the site by starting on our home page, www. caringbridge .org, enter the person’s name or site name, where it says Visit a Friend’s Website and click on the search button.

How do I share my CaringBridge on Facebook?

Share my site or journal update on Facebook From your Journal page, find the post you wish to share . Click the Share icon that appears at the bottom, to the right. Choose Facebook from the menu and log into your Facebook account (if you are not already) and add an optional personal message.

Can you see who views your CaringBridge?

Visitor Details On your homepage, under your name, click on your number of visits. B. Scroll down your homepage and click “ See who has visited your homepage.”

How much does caring bridge cost?

CaringBridge is a nonprofit organization funded by donations. CaringBridge services are available online 24/7 to anyone, anywhere at no cost .

Who owns Caring Bridge?

Founder Sona Mehring to Become Global Ambassador After nearly two decades as CEO, Mehring will transition into the role of founder and chief ambassador, which will allow her dedicated time to advocate for the healing power of social networks and cultivate relationships with CaringBridge supporters.

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What do you write on CaringBridge?

Here are a few examples: “I am thinking of you.” “I miss you.” “I am praying for you and your loved ones to stay strong.” “I care about you.”” “You mean so much to me.” “You’re doing great.” “Nothing can stop you; get well soon!” “Sending healing energy your way.”

How do I upload videos to CaringBridge?

Add a video to your journal entry by clicking on the +YouTube Link button at the bottom of your Journal Entry while you’re creating or editing your Journal.

What is a CaringBridge tribute?

A gift you make in honor of a loved one directly supports CaringBridge site creation. To make a Tribute Gift, simply click the “ Tributes ” icon on the homepage of your loved one’s site.

How do I set up a care page?

How To Create A Site Get Started. It’s easy to start a personalized, advertisement-free site . Personalize It. Give your CaringBridge website a name, add a main site photo and select a cover photo. Post an Update. Tell people what’s happening with a quick update or longer Journal entry. Get Support. Share It.

What is Carebridge?

Carebridge is a private employee assistance and work life services organization. We contract with employers to offer their employees assessment, short-term counseling, and referral for a wide range of personal and job related concerns. We also provide information and resources on a large range of work- life topics.

How do I upload photos to CaringBridge?

Upload a photo to a journal entry Sign into your profile and visit your site. Click on the Journal icon right below your name/ photo . Under Update Your Visitors, add your journal title and entry. At the bottom of the text box, click on the + Photo icon. You can add up to 5 photos to a journal entry. Click Publish Journal to post your journal entry.

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What does the heart mean on CaringBridge?

The Amp heart is found on journal entries and Thoughts and Well Wishes messages and is similar to Facebook’s “Like” feature. People can click the Amp heart to show their support, to show they have read the latest journal entry, or to show that they like or agree with a message.

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