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How to delete google site

How do I delete a classic Google site?

How to delete a classic Google Site Open classic Google Sites . Click the gear, or settings, icon. Click “General” and then hit ” Delete this site .” Click ” Delete ” again.

How do you delete a website?

Delete your browsing data On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app . Tap More. Settings. Tap Privacy. Clear browsing data. Choose a time range, like Last hour or All time. Select the types of information that you want to remove . Tap Clear data.

How do I unpublish a Google site?

Select Website from the menu. Click the Settings button in the toolbar on the left side of the screen. Click Unpublish .

How do I delete websites I have visited?

Clear your history On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app . At the top right, tap More. History. Tap Clear browsing data. Next to “Time range,” select how much history you want to delete . To clear everything, tap All time. Check “Browsing history.” Tap Clear data.

How do I remove a website from my Gmail?

Stop signing in with Google Open your Google Account. You might need to sign in. Choose Security. Scroll down to “Signing in to other sites ” and choose Signing in with Google. Choose the app or service you want to remove . Remove Access.

How do I delete my activity?

Delete all activity On your Android phone or tablet, go to myactivity At the top left, tap Menu. Delete activity by. Below ” Delete Activity ,” tap All time. Tap Next. Delete .

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How do I delete personal searches on Google?

Delete individual activity items On your Android phone or tablet, go to myactivity. google .com. At the top left, tap Menu. Item View. Scroll down to your activity. Find the item you want to delete . You can find an item a few different ways, including: Browse by day. On the item you want to delete , tap More ​ Delete .

How do I delete my watch history on Google?

Go to the Library tab and tap History . Remove a video: Tap More next to the video details and select Remove from Watch History .

How do I delete my free Google website?

Delete a site On a computer, open a site in classic Google Sites. Click Settings. Manage Site. Click General. Delete this site. To confirm that you want to delete the site, click Delete .

What happens when you unpublish a Google site?

If you no longer want your site to be available online, you can unpublish it. You ‘ll still be able to access and update your site content. You can also republish the site using the same URL or a different URL at any time. If people try to visit your unpublished site , they ‘ll see an error message.

How do you permanently edit a website?

Chrome Now Lets You Make Permanent , Local Changes To The Source Code Of Any Website Tap on F12 to bring up the Developer Tools interface. Tap on F1 in the interface to open the Preferences. Switch to the Experiments tab and check “Override requests with workspace project”.

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Why can’t I clear my history?

Scroll down and tap Safari. Scroll down in the Safari menu and tap Clear History and Website Data. o If this button is grayed-out, you will need to disable website restrictions. Select All Websites to allow clearing history . If you do not have the restrictions passcode, you will not be able to clear the history .

How do I delete recent email searches?

Step 1: First, open your Gmail app on your Smartphone. Step 2: Next, tap on Menu (three lines on the left side of your search bar). Step 3: Scroll down from the given options tap Settings. Step 4: Tap on your account at the top of the next window. Step 5: Scroll down to the bottom and choose Clear search history .

How do I permanently delete my hard drive history?

2. Erase Empty (Unused) Storage Space Run BitRaser File Eraser. Choose Data Erasure algorithm and Verification method from ‘Tools. Click ‘Home’ and then choose ‘ Erase Unused Space. Select the hard drive that you wish to sanitize. Click the ‘ Erase Now’ button.

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