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How to create an intranet site using sharepoint 2013

How do I create a new site in SharePoint 2013?

Click the Settings gear icon and select Site Contents. Click the New Subsite link, to open the New SharePoint Site form . In the Title and Description text boxes, type a name and description for the new site . Enter a unique site name that will be used in the URL in the URL Name text box.

Can I use SharePoint to build a website?

SharePoint introduces a site authoring and publishing model to create publishing sites. You can use publishing sites to publish content on intranet or Internet sites. You can use the SharePoint site publishing capabilities to build , customize, and maintain publishing sites that meet specific business needs.

Is SharePoint an intranet site?

A SharePoint intranet is one idea of what an intranet can be, but it’s not everything. Basically, SharePoint is a platform to create collaborative workspaces. So if your intranet is not that collaborative or won’t have many documents, it might not be the right platform.

What is the best intranet platform?

Top 10 Employee Intranet Software Yammer . Simpplr . HCL Connections. Zoho Connect. Staffbase. Blink. Happeo. OnSemble Employee Intranet .

Is yammer an intranet?

Re: Yammer as a company intranet ? Yammer is a piece of the puzzle. The Yammer connected Office 365 Groups will provide each new group with a SharePoint team site, which could be used to build a loosely connected intranet .

What is a site collection in SharePoint?

A site collection is a group of websites that have the same owner and share administrative settings, for example, permissions, and quotas. Site collections are created within a web application. You can then create one or more subsites below the top-level site .

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What is the best way to use SharePoint?

5 Top Tips on Using SharePoint Effectively in Your Company Ensure your documents can be found. Learn to use SharePoint alerts. Create lists in Excel and import into SharePoint . Focus on training to encourage SharePoint adoption. Look into SharePoint Add-Ins.

How do I create a collection in SharePoint 2016?

Click on windows start button and search SharePoint 2016 central admin and right click and open as an administrator like below: Once CA page will get open, click on Application management from left side tab on Admin page. Then Select Create site collection under the site collection option on the wizard page.

How do I make my SharePoint site attractive?

8 Key Tips to Design Effective SharePoint Team Site Structure your SharePoint Team Site . Customize your site navigation. Keep in min cross-device usability. Include the most frequently updated pages on the homepage. Visuals! Include an introduction and tips on how to use the Team site . Organize SharePoint Team Site using a flat structure. Be flexible – make changes as you go.

How do I build a simple SharePoint site?

Create a site in SharePoint Select + Create site on the SharePoint start page. In the wizard: Select whether you’d like to create a Team site or a Communication site . Enter the name (and a description, if you want) for the site . You can select Edit. In the next pane, enter the owners and members. Select Finish.

Why is SharePoint so popular?

There are a few major reasons for why companies end up going with Sharepoint : they get it a very low cost (oftentimes free) because they are Microsoft partners. companies know that Microsoft isn’t going anywhere whereas some of the other collaboration vendors in the space might not be around the long.

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What is SharePoint intranet portal?

A SharePoint intranet as an on-premises solution is a corporate portal built on top of any version of SharePoint Server (2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, or 2019). Organizations deploy it using their own infrastructure and take full responsibility for their intranet customization, management, and support.

How do you build a good intranet?

Follow these five steps to create an intranet that’s right for your company. Plan for adoption and change. Outline the intranet’s purpose. Seek input from users. Identify the right solution. Configure the solution. Build the solution. Roll out and measure success.

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