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How do you contact pof dating site

Is there a POF live chat?

POF has announced a new feature called POF Live that allows live video broadcasting to other users including private one on one sessions. To start an audio or video chat all you need to do is click the chat link underneath a members thumbnail photo.

Can I get a refund from plenty of fish?

We don’t offer refunds on token or upgraded account purchases, or subscriptions. If someone gets access to your account and makes purchases using your credit card, we can provide a refund for fraudulent purchases, but we’ll need to delete the compromised account.

Does POF use your phone number?

You can’t use POF ( Plenty of Fish ) without a phone number . You need to be able to read the verification code they send you if you wish to activate your account. The trick to using POF without a phone number is through using another phone , or another phone number that’s not your own.

Does POF have a verification site?

You can have your Plenty of Fish account verified by writing into our customer care team at [email protected] pof .com and they will be able to assist you. 2FA only applies to new devices, unless you’re clearing your cookies, so you should only have to be verified once on each device you choose to login into Plenty of Fish with.

Can you be tracked on POF?

You also get receipts when your messages have been read, and, with some super-sneaky tracking , you can even see when someone views your profile and when a particular person was last online.

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How do I stop POF from charging me?

How Can I Cancel My POF Subscription 2020 Open Google Play Store App. Now Go to the “Account” under the Playstore menu. Touch Subscriptions. Then tap on the POF app. Now tap “ Cancel ” and “Yes” to confirm the cancellation of POF apps on your Android phone.

How do I cancel my account with plenty of fish?

Sign into the Plenty of Fish website if prompted. Fill out the selections then click ‘ Delete Account . ‘

What happened to plenty of fish dating site?

On July 14, 2015, Plenty of Fish was sold for $575 million to Match Group (owner of, OKCupid and Tinder, based in Dallas). The headquarters remain in Vancouver and have recently been expanded.

Why is POF saying my number is invalid?

Receiving an Invalid Phone Number Error? Here are some reasons you may be receiving the error: Plenty of Fish requires a mobile phone that can receive text messages to verify an account. This means we don’t support landlines, internet or VoIP lines, or the use of one-off messaging services.

Why does POF want my phone number?

We need to send you a text to verify that you’re human. To help keep your account safe, we’ll keep your number in case we need to re-verify you and make sure a stranger isn’t trying to login. Don’t worry though, that’s all we ever use your number for.

Can you have 2 POF accounts?

MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS Do not create multiple accounts on Plenty of Fish , unless permission has been granted by our Customer Support Service staff. Inclusive of this, do not attempt to use an account that isn’t yours. BE REAL ON YOUR POF PROFILE All of the information in your profile should be truthful and about you only.

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Is POF a safe dating site?

Again, while there is not 100% guarantee that online dating is totally safe , the folks over at Plenty of Fish are doing quite a bit to ensure that users are not only able to enjoy high-quality conversations with real people, but also that they’re able to verify visually who the person is and have a chat via the app

Why is plenty of fish so bad?

Among the most popular apps, Plenty of Fish accounted for 56% of all crimes reported. The crimes include attempted murder, sexual activity with children, grooming, rape, sexual assault, sending indecent images and blackmail. Reports of stalking, theft and robbery are also rife.

How do I bypass POF verification?

The only way to by pass the mobile phone verification that uses texting is to contact the POF support by email which I think you then have to supply your own home number.

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