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Force desktop site android chrome

How do I force a desktop site in Chrome mobile?

How to request desktop version of a Web site in Chrome for When viewing the mobile version of a site , open the menu and check the box located next to Request Desktop site . The Web page will automatically begin to reload in the background. With the box checked, you will see the desktop version of the site loaded for only that tab.

How do I force my desktop to display on a mobile device?

Disabling the Mobile Version of a Website on Android Google makes it much simpler and includes an option to enable desktop view in the default Chrome browser. Just click on the settings menu in the upper right corner and then check “Request desktop site .”

How do I permanently enable Chrome in desktop mode?

In chrome go into the settings menu, then accessibility, and then at the bottom select “force enable zoom”. Close chrome (fully, ie kill application) and relaunch and enjoy desktop mode .

What is force desktop mode?

It’s called desktop mode , not laptop mode . This doesn’t enable the phone to double up as a laptop unless you have a mobile screen that you can carry around with you with a mouse and keyboard.

Why does desktop site not work?

Update Google Chrome: If you have updated the iOS and still facing the same problem, then you must check the version of Google Chrome you are using. If it is not the latest version , then your problem can get solved by update your browser. This fix works in almost every case you are finding ‘ Request desktop site ‘ error.

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How do I view a Web page in desktop mode?

How to Enable Desktop Site in Chrome Android ? Launch the Chrome browser on Android . Open any website that you want to view in desktop mode . Tap on. for the menu options. Select the checkbox against the Desktop site. The page will automatically reload. The desktop site view will be displayed on the mobile phone.

How do I switch to desktop mode?

Tap and hold on the Refresh icon at the top-right of the screen (1). Select Request Desktop Site option (2).

How do I view a website in desktop mode?

Google Chrome for Android provides a handy option for quickly viewing the desktop version of websites . Simply visit the site, then select “Menu” > “Request desktop site“.

How can I use Android browser on my desktop?

Then head to the Settings screen via the three-dot menu at the top-right corner. Once you’re at the Settings screen, you should see an option labeled Website Preference. Tap it, and then select Request Desktop Site on the subsequent screen. That’s it.

How do I switch back to mobile view in Chrome?

To go back to the mobile site in Chrome , all you need to do is just tap on the more button (three dots) at the bottom right corner and then select Request Mobile Site . Now, Chrome will refresh and bring back the mobile version of this website.

How do I put Chrome in desktop mode iOS?

How to View Desktop Site in Chrome iOS ? Open the Chrome iOS app. Open the website of your choice, which you want to view in the Desktop version . Click on the present at the bottom right corner of the screen . Choose the Request Desktop Site option.

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What is desktop mode in Android?

Go to Settings > Developer options and scroll down until you reach the “APPS” section. Turn on “enable freeform windows” and “force desktop mode .” In a few seconds, you should see the custom Android 10 desktop interface appear on the screen.

What is native desktop mode?

Android 10 has an all-new Native Desktop Mode that is similar to what we’ve seen Samsung do with Dex. When you connect your phone to an external monitor your phone will switch to Desktop Mode and you’ll be able to use freeform multi-windows to open and move apps anywhere.

How do I get out of Desktop mode in Windows 10?

To switch from tablet mode back to desktop mode , tap or click the Action Center icon in the taskbar to bring up a list of quick settings for your system. Then tap or click the Tablet mode setting to toggle between tablet and desktop mode .

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