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Azure site recovery

What is Azure Site Recovery?

Welcome to the Azure Site Recovery service! Site Recovery replicates workloads running on physical and virtual machines (VMs) from a primary site to a secondary location. When an outage occurs at your primary site , you fail over to secondary location, and access apps from there.

How much does Azure Site Recovery cost?

Pricing details

Price For First 31 days Price After 31 Days
Azure Site Recovery to customer owned sites Free $16/month per instance protected
Azure Site Recovery to Azure Free $25/month per instance protected

What is Azure backup and site recovery?

They both work together to ensure complete business continuity, but they have slightly different purposes. While Azure backup can help you to restore a corrupted file, Azure Site Recovery will replicate the data and configuration of a system to another datacenter.

How do I set up Azure Site Recovery?

Create a vault Sign in to the Azure portal > Recovery Services. Click Create a resource > Monitoring + Management > Backup and Site Recovery . In Name, specify a friendly name to identify the vault. Create a resource group, or select an existing one.

What is that Site Recovery can protect?

SQL Server provides a data services foundation for many business apps in an on-premises datacenter. Site Recovery can be used with SQL Server HA/DR technologies, to protect multi-tiered enterprise apps that use SQL Server. Site Recovery provides: A simple and cost-effective disaster recovery solution for SQL Server.

Which of the following is benefits of Azure Site Recovery?

Azure Site recovery orchestrates replication and failover, without intercepting application data. You can replicate any workloads running on supported Hyper-V VMs, VMware VMs, and Windows/Linux physical servers. You can replicate workloads to Azure , rather than to a secondary site .

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Is Azure Backup free?

You can also sign up for a free Azure trial. Backup Options: Backup for Azure VMs and on-premises servers.

What workloads can you protect with Azure Site Recovery?

What can Site Recovery protect ? Azure VMs: Site Recovery can replicate any workload running on a supported Azure VM. Hyper-V virtual machines: Site Recovery can protect any workload running on a Hyper-V VM. Physical servers: Site Recovery can protect physical servers running Windows or Linux.

Are multiple Azure Portal dashboards supported in Azure?

You can create multiple dashboards in the Azure portal that each include tiles visualizing data from multiple Azure resources across different resource groups and subscriptions.

How do I access my Azure backup?

Sign in to the Azure portal. Open the vault dashboard. On the Backup Items tile, select Azure Virtual Machine. On the Backup Items pane, you can view the list of protected VMs and last backup status with latest restore points time.

What happens if Azure goes down?

Network outage When parts of the Azure network are inaccessible, you might not be able to access your application or data. If your application can’t access its data because of an Azure network outage, you might be able to run locally with reduced application functionality by using cached data.

How does Azure backup work?

Azure Backup installs a backup extension to the Azure VM agent that’s running on the VM. This extension backs up the entire VM. You can back up specific files and folders on the Azure VM by running the MARS agent.

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How do I failover to Azure Site Recovery?

Run a failover On the VM Overview page , select Failover . In Failover , choose a recovery point. Select Shut down machine before beginning failover if you want Site Recovery to try to shut down the source VMs before starting failover . To start the failover , select OK. Monitor the failover in notifications.

Can ASR replicate Azure VMs between Azure regions?

It can be in any Azure region except the source region . Site Recovery creates a new resource group in the target region , with an ” asr ” suffix. The virtual network (VNet) in which replicated VMs are located after failover. A network mapping is created between source and target virtual networks, and vice versa.

Does Azure support VMware?

VMware environment runs natively on Azure Bare Metal infrastructure, on Azure cloud locations. You can seamlessly move VMware workloads to Azure and integrate with your VMware management environment, using the same and existing management tools.

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