One of the fastest ways to get your blog or website noticed is to seek inbound links — also known as SEO link juice.

When you get a dozen or so trusted and authority websites linking to your site, you’re going to see your search engine rankings rise quickly.

While having more people link to you is good, your efforts don’t pay off nearly as much as getting your first 12 backlinks.

And get this, you might be surprised to find out it doesn’t matter how accurate the link anchor text is… what really counts is getting other websites that is trusted to pass a direct, one-way link to you.

I’m just one of literally billions of website owners willing to send you my link juice to your site. Yet surprisingly, very few people have asked me for a backlin. Yes, all you have to do is ask and odds are good I’m going to send my SEO link juice your way.

As both a person receiving link requests and one that seeks link requests, I’ve created a sort of link juice cheatsheet to get a large percentage of requests at least looked at… and most acted upon. Here’s what I personally look for in a link juice request:

High value

Do you have a cool website? How about a Top 10 list? Do you have a nifty lookup tool? Have you published a unique 600-word article? If so, just contact me and odds are good I’m linking to your site in less than a week.

Skip the ads

Whether it’s fair or not, most bloggers and site owners don’t like linking to webpages with ads. This is especially true for “noncommercial” social media sites (like Digg and Reddit) and authority .edu and .gov sites. That’s why you might skip the ads during your link juice campaign, and then once you have a dozen backlinks, quietly adds sponsored ads and links to monetize your site. (By the way, me linking to your site with ads doesn’t bother me one bit.)

Consider cash incentives

Roughly half of those who link to my webpages do so without compensation. But the rest are automatically approved into my private affiliate program. That means each webpage they link to ultimately pays them a commission over the long term. Can you tie in an affiliate program offering to your free content?

Fresh is good

Given a choice between an ebook that’s been available for 10 years (and everyone knows about) or one that’s just released, most are going to be more excited to promote the new stuff.

If you’ve got a title or a lookup tool that’s well-known to the marketplace, don’t fret. Just change it up a bit — perhaps make it niche specific or offer an update for a quick makeover.

And if you’re able to time your ebook or tool to a current event or breaking news, you’re going to have an easy time getting site owners to link to your site.

Send a short email

The best way to contact me or any backlink source is by email. My online support system automatically sends me your message to my personal email address (which I check every morning — even weekends and holidays).

Most fail to get my attention because they obviously didn’t invest a single nanosecond getting familiar with my blog or website. Whatever you do, invest a few moments to see what a site is all about… it’s almost always VERY worth the 10-minute investment of your time.

Start off your email with rapport. Next transition with how you offer a unique, free resource. End it with a call to action… the next step – that is what you’re looking for the receiver of your link juice request to do next. This is a very simple formula that gets great results.